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The digital medium designed for exchange!

A CHIP service provider

Sign up for a test account with the first CHIP Service Provider.

How it works

Read The MyCHIPs Papers, which detail how value can be transmitted in a purely peer-to-peer private credit network.

The CHIP as a unit of value

Read the latest research into how the value of a CHIP is estimated.

Open Source Code

Access the code for the MyCHIPs server and mobile application in Github.

Original system concept

Read from Got Choices, The Book, where a CHIP-based system was first proposed.

A Mathematical Proof for MyCHIPs Credit Lifts

See Kyle Storey defend his Masters Thesis proving important properties of the credit lift algorithm.

Presentation at the Collaborative Finance Conference

The GotChoices Foundation presents on the MyCHIPs lift algorithm at the Commons Hub in Austria, Spring 2023.

Presentation to the Utah Bitcoin Community

The GotChoices Foundation gives a presentation geared toward cryptocurrency enthusiasts, October 2023.

Privacy Policy

How your data is treated.